Martin Hygård

March 16, 2019 12:27 PM

Martin made he´s first gig 21 years ago and has since then been performing around the world at absolut top clubs! Such as: MYST, Shanghai - China (Top 100 Club, Dj Mag 1/3, Beijing - China (Top 100 Club, Dj Mag) BCM, Mallorca - Spain (Top 100 Club, Dj Mag) Baia Imperiale, Rimini - Italy (Top 100 Club Nightlife Association) Club XS, Giuyang - China DreamHack (1.3 million live streams) Uport MusicWeekend (10´000 people) Radio 1 Mallorca (250´000 listeners) Monkey Rocks Festival, Gibraltar (4000 guests) among many other top clubs around the world!

He learned all by himself and he´s been in the music industry for ages! He was the founder of the group called Dirty House Guys that been touring around Europe performing at the very best clubs! As a Dj and promoter he´s been working with the biggest name in the world in both the EDM and Urban scene. He did the first Swedish gig with both Martin Garrix and also with Afrojack! He is now doing a massive set himself ! He´s always been known for the energy in he´s music together with remixes and bootlegs.

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