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Main Stage 26/12/2021


Get set for another fabulous saturday at the number one party venue on the coast. - It’s that fantastic saturday feeling, you know you going to have a great time with Lene Angelica at Ricks!
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Lene Angelica, Norway´s fastest rising female DJWhile her passion for music was formed at a young age, her dreams of becoming a DJ started to become a reality at the age of twenty one. With training from some of Norway ́s best DJ ́s and producers, such as; Charlie Roennez, Hella, and SJUR, she has grown in both technical skills and mental skills, reading an audience and playing to their needs. In the summer of 2017 Lene started her career playing in Norwegian clubs, the biggest of which include, Ricks, Jacob Aall, and Calibar. Summer 2018 she was appointed residency at Taket (Bergen, Norway), otherwise known as Bergen´s highest end rooftop terrace club.After she got the residency her bookings got bigger. In 2018 she played at Havana Club (Turkey), Utopia festival (Norway), Hall Toll (Norway) and she flew all the way to Beijing to represent Norway´s stand at World Winter Sports Beijing (China) and a event at the Norwegian ambassade (China). The latest pop music, house, EDM, big room, deep house, tech house, and lounge music are Lene ́s selected genres. Each of these can be played, depending on the vibe of the local and mood of the crowd.

Lene Angelica is so much more than just a female DJ, her influencer status and creativity are also huge parts of her persona. Social medias such as Instagram and Youtube are utilized to reach a broad audience. Engagement is high on her Instagram reaching almost seventeen thousand followers and within her first month on youtube Lene has gained over one thousand subscribers. She is widely known for her work as a model and personal work as a photographer on top of that. Through these many medias, fans can watch her unique style and great beauty skills. All of these talents come together into her work as a DJ, making her so much more than just a DJ, making her into an artist and an influencer. Lene Angelica ́s fanbase spans the whole of Norway and recently she has garnered attention worldwide.

In 2019 her career have expand even more. She´s still a resident DJ at Taket (Bergen), and the is where she plays when she’s not out of town or in different countries. She kicked off the summer at the spring break festival in Croatia. She had gigs at Zrce party boat and Cocobombo. This festival is most known for Germans, which resulted in a attention from the music industry in this country. She got contacted by the well known German producer Sam Collins right after the festival. They´re just had a big collar and are released a song and music video together 23.08.2019. Lene also played at Havana Club (Alanya, Turkey) in June 2018 and August 2019.Later this year she´s confirmed to plat ay Tomorrow Island festival (Mauritius) and Papillon (Germany).

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Date: November 27
Age: 20 år
Opens: 22.00
CC: Kr 100,-

On local dj`s you might experience cover of 50 kr, on large forrign artist the cover will be 100, if our cost is low, it will be free entrance - keep your selves updated

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